Potion-weilding cat conjours mysterious manipulation from another dimension

Dribliyj Nunez, music writer

‘Once rode shotgun on the Yellow Submarine’

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As millions of layabouts squander the promise of their existence, many turn to divine intervention to deliver us from the quagmire and into the talent pool, only to find their potential untouched and their dreams in tatters. As it turns out, we’ve been searching the wrong place this entire time...

Three fortunate mortals assuming the likeness of Elainne Nascimento (Vocals), A.Z. (Drums/ MiDi), and Brian Gadomski (Synth) who comprise enegmatic electro-pop trio And The Animal, owe their prestige to another dimension entirely.

Through two creatures who share the moniker; ‘The Brain’ in equal parts, heralded puppetmasters Niki and Gari Zuha create music through their spells and make ‘The Humans’ play it, as, at the top of the pyramid, their nebula-sporting pet, KATA, dispenses potions as a source of inspiration.

And The Animal is Niki and Gori. Two creatures from a different dimension. They create music and through their spells make a group of humans play it... They have a pet called KATA that gives them potions for inspiration.

Having ensnared the exciting vocal talents of Brazilian singer Elainne, the hive-mind have since stated their intention to distance themselves from the darker material of previous albums, thus capturing the essence of the foliões through their new EP Zinko’.

Owing much of their irresistable beats to a higher power, ‘Zinko’ shines as an eclectic journey of funky, summer grooves that eminate enough feel-good vibes and magical visuals to enchant the conscience of all mankind. While aspirations of domination remain unclear, this armegeddon seems much less futile than the one we’ve been given, so best to comply and enjoy.

And The Animal’s new EP ‘Zinko’ and single ‘Moonlight’, feat. D.tha.G are Out Now

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Instagram: instagram.com/andtheanimal/

Website: andtheanimalmusic.com/

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