Tides turned for Border., who prophesise ‘Double Rainbow’ in fight for social justice

Even for the most apathetic among us, under the everpresent leer of rolling 24 hours news coverage, the wake of recent events has proved impossible to ignore.

As indifference towards the dreaded pandemic swells, like a child with a hand grenade catching sight of an iPhone, society has been crying out for a more familiar enemy to rattle it’s sabre at. And, following the events that sparked #AllLivesMatter protests across the globe, efforts to bring us closer together have been furthered highlighted as that which what sets us apart. As such, all of humanity has seemingly become more unified in it’s division that ever. Or have we?

A distant rumble heard from Via del Pratello – a street known as Bologna’s cradle of counter-culture movements, says otherwise as Demi More and Erika unveil ‘Double Rainbow’ – their LGBTQIA+ rights battle chant as BOrder., so called in their words “cos borders don’t exist”.

We are BOrder. and we don’t exist

As an unsubtle and abrasive collage of the challenges that impede the progress of inclusivity, BOrder. pull no punches on the role that media coverage plays in their video supporting single ‘Double Rainbow’ – a technicolour maelstrom that shoehorns images of hate-filled heavyweights such as Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler alongside peaceful protests, wrongful arrests, and blazing infernos which highlight a spectrum of motivations and consequences from the same political agenda.

With Erika recognised following various collaborations, including an experimental music project with Greta from Rev Rev Rev, Demi found his ‘female voice’ to partner his uncomprimising synth-heavy sound. A shared love of bands such as The Prodigy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cramps and Garbage cemented their union as they were invited to play live at legendary Covo Club in Bologna for the first time, and a session at LOTO Studio completed under the vision of producer Gian Luca Lo Presti sees BOrder. look forward to their first EP release in September 2020.

Facebook – facebook.com/Border.MusicOfficial/

Instagram – instagram.com/border.musicofficial

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