400 year old poem resonates on techno EP from 6th Crowd

Under the textures and polyrhythms of techno producers Thomas P. Heckmann and Regis, a moment of euphoric clarity reconnected Dari Maksymova with her obsession for dance. For her, “when you see people moving to music, it’s like seeing people take off that costume that the ‘real’ world wants us to wear, and we get to be the superhero that’s been under the surface the whole time.”

6th crowd 2

In a state of seemingly constant transition as bassist and vocalist of Ukrainian darkwave band On the Wane, Dari could already see how her musical landscape was changing, and saught ways to preserve their music within that given moment in time. Following a trajectory of alt rock icons such as Joy Division, The Pixies and Sonic Youth, their sound became darker, more atmospheric and self-confident, honing a philosphy of writing music to satisfy the self. 

6th crowd 3

It follows an intestive course in electronic music production, run by Kyiv’s techno community Module Exchange, that debut EP ‘Avoid the Void’, released under solo project 6th Crowd, offers unifying blend of vibing grooves inspired by the likes of Modeselector, Siriusmo, and Four Tet.

Despite being recorded well before quarentine took hold, new single ‘You Are Not an Island’ uses few words to draw sharp focus in today’s climate, taking inspiration from John Donne’s 400 year old warning against isolationism – ‘No Man is an Island’. The phrase, repeated in Ukrainian, Portuguese, German, French, two types of Spanish, Chinese, and Hebrew, offers a levelling and universal message of courage, support and relief to anyone that needs it:

…That’s pretty much dance music, voices just give us the feeling that we’re not alone. Even if you’re here in your bedroom all alone… If you feel scared, tired, and a bit lost – take my hand, we’re all together here.

‘Avoid The Void’ by 6th Crowd will be released digitally on 15th May

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