Mouthpiece to the marginalised, Sharptooth, bite back on new album

When their acclaimed ‘Clever Girl’ record emerged in 2017, Sharptooth vocalist Laura Kashan had plenty to say to those who thought that politics had no place in music.

Tackling a broad spectrum of oppression and misogyny, the record seemingly breathed new life into her own fragile experiences, and yet, she describes their forthcoming album, Transitional Forms’ (Pure Noise Records), as the most intensely personal collection of songs” she has ever written.


Sonically, if ‘Clever Girl’ was a Velociraptor, ‘Transitional Forms’ is a goddamn Tyrannosaurus Rex. This record is so much heavier and darker than its predecessor, and, I think, a significant maturation of our sound.

Kashan had taken the helm as mouthpiece of Sharptooth having saught to unite and empower the marginalised voices of those in need of pushing back. ‘Transitional Forms’, however, is a record that reflects on a personal struggle with societal and internal constructs that permiates among wretched ambition, described here as a paradigm shift from hopelessness to self-compassion. As guitarist Lance Donati adds “It has a story to tell, it has a life to live, and will share the air we breath with it.”

Sharptooth are Lauren Kashan (vocals), Keith Higgins (guitar), Lance Donati (guitar), Peter Bruno (bass), and Matt Hague (drums), and will release their new album Transitional Forms’ on 10th July 2020.

 Transitional Forms Tracklist:

Say Nothing (In The Absence Of Content)
Mean Brain
Life On The Razor’s Edge
The Gray
The Southern Strategy
M.P.D.B (Manic Pixie Dream Bitch)
Nevertheless (She Persisted)





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