The Academy of Sun reconstitute Báthory bloodbath as high-energy pop song

Erzsébet Báthory was one of the most defiled and hated figures in all of history. A renowned beauty and nefarious sadist, remembered as a prolific serial killer who was condemned, without trial, for hundreds of acts that make for less-than-comfortable reading… Subject matter commonplace among the black metal community, perhaps, but a gleefully obscure and tender topic to be decried on an indie-pop record, for sure. In a dark, yet ebullient reconsecration of ‘The Blood Countess’s’ legacy, The Academy of Sun, have released ‘The Parts That Need Replacing’, picked off of this summer’s release – ‘The Quiet Place’.

Usually Báthory is immortalised in doom and black metal… I wanted these allegations of bloodbaths, black magic and eternal life in the medium of a hyper-catchy, high-energy pop song.

Due to his infrequent, but memorable, extra-curricular requests for off-cuts, that has seen vocalist, Nick Hudson’s, relationship with his local butcher become increasingly scrutinised, the video depicts a number of her alledged occultist atrocities. For him, this reputation of torture, ritual and blood magic is “most likely a reputation-staining fantasy, dreamed up by the church out of institutional jealousy.”

In discussing cannibalism and serial murders, on a single like this, it’s reverence seems maniacally upbeat when considering it’s subject matter. Most famously, Báthory was accused of bathing in the virgin blood of her servents as a means of replenishing youth, and has been ‘queered up’, as such, in this rendition by having her played by the 23-year-old musician and artist Wolfgang Storm.

With their taste for the obscure often lending itself to live shows witnessed in everywhere from a medieval castle in Italy, to an abandoned railway carriage in Offenbach, together, The Academy of Sun present dystopian fascination that combines the deeply personal and the poetically arcane. Recorded at Church Road Studios, ‘The Quiet Earth’ looks set to be an expansive album of breathtaking ambition, delving deep into the extreme dimensions of human desires.

‘The Parts that Need Replacing’ by The Academy of Sun is out now




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