Emerging from death bed, ‘Ender Bender’ escaped both demons and angels

As the lead single from his forthcoming EQ’ EP might suggest, one night in a Glendale hospital almost saw La-La Land become a ‘Star Killer’. Literally facing the prospect of his own death, former artist and small busness owner, Eddie Olguin, later known under the moniker Ender Bender, had a ‘vision’ from which “soon after, the Universe, in all her giving glory, opened the doors to relocate to Rome in the name of love, sanity and, in this case, music.”

LA raised me and made me who I was, both mother and lover, an open highway to my fantasies and the butler of my demons. This song is but a humble, yet bittersweet, ode to this city.

Escaping a life of self-destructive hedonism to find both his spiritual and artistic salvation, it was at this point he decided to cut ties with the City of Angels, and all of it’s demons, to return to his native homeland. This EP journals his life-changing move from LA to Rome where, under of a realisation that nothing in life is perfect, spreading bliss in the face of this swiftly became the essence of Ender Bender.

His accompanying video for ‘Star Killer’ was designed and directed by Italian artist Tommaso Ragnisco, while upcoming feel-good single ‘Honey Lavender Girl’ is set to give an enticing flavour of what’s to come.  The multi-instrumentalist producer is guided by a unique mission to make perfect modern synthpop. As he himself says – “There’s a time and a place for everything, and our time is right now.”

‘EQ’ EP by Ender Bender is available from 1st May 2020

Facebook: facebook.com/enderbendersonicdrug/

Twitter: twitter.com/iamEnderBender

Instagram: instagram.com/iamenderbender/

Website: www.enderbender.com/

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