Make them Suffer beckon you to plunge into the unknown on ‘Drown with Me’

Ahead of the quintet’s forthcoming album ‘How to Survive a Funeral’ (Rise Records), due out this summer, Australian metal band MAKE THEM SUFFER have shared new song ‘Drown With Me’. Their fourth full-length sees inspiration from their past and present sounds twisted together into a package that will define their place amongst their contemporaries as a truly creative act. unnamed (2)

Love can be beautiful, but also dark and terrifying. ‘Drown With Me’ is just a really fucked up love song.

The band enlisted Drew Fulk A.K.A. WZRDBLD, who has worked with everyone from Motionless In White and Bullet For My Valentine to Yelawolf and Lil’ Wayne. The band traveled to L.A. to hole up at Fulk’s studio. It marked the first time in the band’s career that it worked this closely with a producer and the result is truly something unique.

Step One
Falling Ashes
Drown With Me
Erase Me
Soul Decay
Fake Your Own Death
How To Survive A Funeral
The Attendant
That’s Just Life

‘How To Survive A Funeral’ (Rise Records) album by Make Them Suffer out this Summer





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