10 music videos to help ease the onset of madness

Today marks Good Friday in this, the cursed year of our lord, Two Thousand and Twenty. Staring down the barrel of a long weekend in which as everyone has (sort of) made an agreement to not go outside (unless the weather’s nice, or your otherwise looked down on occupation has now been branded as essential for the good of the nation), cabin fever has no doubt set in and you’re in need of 10 good reasons why you need to stop befriending the biscuit barrel and praying for Wetherspoons to reopen.  

Flying Lotus – Post Requisite

It’s been said that ‘Post Requisite’ was only good thing about Kuso, Steven Ellison’s first feature length film. With a decade long career as Flying Lotus now under his belt, however, his music videos at least continue to serve up a relentless conveyour of curiousity.

Samiyam feat. Earl Sweatshirt – Mirror

Taken from his ‘Animals Have Feelings’ record and animated by UK artist Ruff Mercy, the video for ‘Mirror’  is a colourful hallucination in which Earl’s face eventually gives way to cigarette-smoking animals, beer-drinking skeletons and an old cartoon dog.

Carpenter Brut – † Escape From Midwich Valley †

First featured on debut EP ‘I’ (2012), and later reappearing in 2015’s ‘Trilogy’, this track sees horrific events unfold with expert dramatic pacing, while taking unsubtle inspiration from HP Lovecraft ‘The Shadow over Innsmouth’. Easy to spot as it’s directly referenced in the opening sequence.

Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime

Allegedly having disappeared for two months to write the lyrics, David Byrne was left to his own devices in shooting the video for ‘Once in a Lifetime’. His erratic dance moves and imitaion of worldly rituals remain iconic in answering one of life’s great questions – “How did I get here?

Massive Attack & Young Fathers – Voodoo in the Blood

A rather more sinister promo for a band who’s most famous video literally depicts the calmness of a baby in the womb. Rosamund Pike stars in her enounter with a mysterious orb who unleashes her dramatic frustration with the morning commute.

Mastodon – Asleep in the Deep

This one will perhaps resonate most with those who gaze enviously at our furry loved ones strut carefree out of the back door and into the great beyond. Few would imagine such hellish psychedilia, but little Bootsy Collins is pretty cute. Maybe the dark lord bullfrogs, terrifying rat kings brave warrior squirrels think so too.

Leftfield & Sleaford Mods – Head And Shoulders

British electronic music pioneers, Leftfield, returned in 2015 with their first studio album since 1999’s Rhythm and Stealth. After facing off with Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson, a kind of urban pac-man thing devours a whole manner of detritus before jetting off into space. And for that we are forever thankful!

björk: tabula rasa

Much in the way her music does, björk’s video’s often have an other-worldly charm to them. Director Tobias Gremmler, was quoted to have said the video represents a “utopian concept of a harmonious coexistence between nature and human based on empathy“, or as NME described “something that vaguely represents a human body and a flower.” Same diff.

Klaus Nomi – Lightning Strikes

Once a backup singer to David Bowie on Saturday Night Live, this 1982 cover of Lou Christie’s song, ‘Lightning Strikes’ is a prime example of Klaus Nomi’s noterierty as an otherworldly stage performer. Sadly, he had to return to his home planet the very next year, but his triangle tuxedo and signature hairdo will live long in the memory.

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

Yes, David Lynch did at some point attempt another kind controversial direction and venture into having a music career. As visceral and surreal as one his films, ‘Crazy Clown Time’ is a visual set-piece trapped in a hellish time loop and probably best enjoyed alone in the dark.

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