DIY video from STAKE evokes the sorrow of ‘Devolution’ from a state of isolation

Looking back on the memories that chart the rise of STAKE, and previous incarnation Steak Number Eight, it’s almost as if to gaze upon another world, given the empty streets of the current climate. From playing sellout venues alongside the likes of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan and Alice Cooper, and Europe’s biggest festival’s – Wacken Open Air, Hellfest and Graspop, no one, least of all STAKE, expected their next release would be from a state of general isolation, and it’s video, compiled of public domain footage found online, for new single ‘Devolution‘ weighs heavily in the context of it’s release.


Our spoilt generation in this country have suddenly been shaken by something uncontrollable; the uncertainty of how things will develop, and each day trying to stay positive; the melancholy of how things were.

As a band released statement explains; “We were not planning to release this single at this time, but everything about it is so scarily fitting to the state of the world we are currently living in, and once we started to think about it, and about the video, it all just made a lot of sense to us.

Our hope is that people here, when all is well again (and it will be!) will remember this feeling and thus feel love and understanding for those who experience the pain of not being able to control their own lives and having to be scared and insecure every day.

This is an ode to that sentiment. Let there be empathy and care. Let’s recognise how fortunate we are and use this to help others.”

Given their success, no one had expected Steak Number Eight to call time on the band’s journey, right up until the brink of their metamorphosis. It was met with gleeful satisfaction from their fanbase that their unyeilding nature of being loud and uncomprimising had endured, and that the original line-up would reform under the designate STAKE in their unveiling of ‘a new chapter with unseen energy’.





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