Seattle darkwave duo beguile ‘The Call’ of nocturnal allure

In the face of issues of anxiety, isolation, loneliness and a life extinct of realisation, the shadowy grasp of melancholy permiates all that surrounds us, if left unchecked. Composed and recorded in it’s entirety in the living room of Seattle darkwave duo, HALLOWS, debut EP ‘Subtle’ (Out Now) seeks to sooth those tidings of unease by first acknowledging, and then giving yourself to the shadows.

HALLOWS - Subtle EP (cover)

In terms of the story behind single release ‘The Call // Ravenous’, ‘The Call’ speaks to an inate vulnerability, as it’s irresistable draw to the darkness becomes that feeling of home. Focused around two separate characters, an odyssey that drifts through the urban cityscape seeks to infiltrate conciousness with an essence that’s somber and enthralling, yet haunting in it’s nature. Images of modern-day malaise as conveyed through an exposed, vulnerable lens sees HALLOWS’ sound pursuant in reconciling the worlds of chaos and beauty, and produce something meaningful out of the bedlam that invisibly surrounds us.

HALLOWS 5 - photo by Daniel Kastner

My main inspiration with HALLOWS is the beauty and chaos of modern life. The video explores some kind of duality between two people following an invisible trail into the night… The city’s shrills all come to halt when faced with the deepest melancholy of these two people.

Maintaining an aura that remains sanguine under the strain of melancholy, this EP represents an intimate release for Dom R. and Vanee D., who also directed, shot and edited the video. Influenced by many of thir own modern peers, including Ritual Howls, Odonis Odonis, Drab Majesty, Soft Kill, Boy Harsher, Tempers, Linea Aspera, Hante, Kaelan Mikla, Street Sects and Hide, ‘Subtle’ is a siren song in every sense. 





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