Mercury nominated duo enlist ‘shamanic’ punk-poet in the fight against fascism

Forged indiscreetly under the adrenaline of improv, this meeting of minds should come of little surpirse for a trio who are notorious for their spontaneous energy. Recorded in London’s infamous Total Refreshment Centre the spiritual home of revered synth and drums duo Danalogue and Betamax, comes a killer collaboaration ahead of their forthcoming EP ‘Tactics’ (26th June, Moshi Moshi Records), with fellow resident performer Alabaster dePlume and his shamanic performance on vocals for Soccer96’s single ‘I Was Gonna Fight Fascism’.

Album cover

Soccer96 recount how the former venue offers them a special means “to allow the processing of sound to become part of the compositional process, whilst embracing Miles Davis’ idea of tracks being ‘in a state of becoming’ – a captured moment in time”. It was during a period of producing Alabaster’s ‘The Corner of a Sphere’ LP that both he and Danalogue found a lot of unexpected common ground, and as such, Alabaster was invited to jump on stage and recite one of his poems over a fiery improvisation. While his lyrics were the same, Alabaster’s delivery was found to be supercharged, direct and pulsing with rhythm. It quickly became clear that this had to be chronicled.


Alabaster’s lyrics carry the voice of a disaffected generation… an acerbic and sardonic take on the hypocrisies of the leftist ideal against the backdrop of mass consumerism, manipulation of the media, the rise of fascism across Europe and the failings of humans in general.

A delicate balance of dark and light, reflecting vividly an era of battling ideologies, ‘I Was Gonna Fight Fascism’ sees Danalogue and Betamax transmit impassioned synth-scapes over infectious beats and Alabaster’s philosophical and topical poetry. Also featuring head engineer Kristian Craig Robinson AKA ‘Capitol K’ on bass, the expansion from duo to quartet on ‘Tactics’ comes as a much-needed moment of respite, and offers a chance for Soccer96 to display their new music with a live performance which was thankfully recorded weeks before the social distancing took hold of the UK.

‘I Was Gonna Fight Fascism’ by Soccer96 from forthcoming EP ‘Tactics’, 26th June




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