OVERLAPS unveil follow-up through Italy’s ‘most chaotic’ metal label

Having surged their way into public conciousness on the back of a European tour, which spanned 27 shows across 12 countries in a mere 37 days back in 2017, it’s of little surprise that Italian alt-rockers OVERLAPS have taken inspiration from these experiences in their much anticipated follow-up record ‘In Your Room’.


The album was given the green light via TIME TO KILL RECORDS who, since their inception in 2016, have been described as ‘the most chaotic extreme metal label in Italy’, and pride themselves as pioneers in having an eye for talent the world doesn’t know it’s ready for.

Lyrically, the tone has shifted heavily towards decadent poetry and metaphor, while seemingly aiming to capturing the evanescent imagery of a Tim Burton movie. Demonstrating an evolution, not only in terms of sound, but also drawing upon their limited, but intense, experiences to date have culminated in an ultimate form of expression and self-belief.


“The album is about different themes such as the vicious cycle of a fake society that pushes us to live fast without real emotions and values – a toxic and corrupted world, that only the beauty of art can save.”

Accompanying the release, and directed by Italian fillmaker Luca Castellaro, ‘Wasted’ is the third single lifted from the album, following on from previous releases; ‘Your Eyes’and the ever-punchy (but, not to be confused with being a title track) ‘In This Room’.

In Your Room is arranged and produced by Franco Fraccastoro (except No Way, Queen of Peace and Wait for Me). Mixed and mastered in Finland by Jesse Vainio (Sunrise AvenueApocalypticaThe Rasmus). Album artwork by Diego Bozza. Pics by Daniele Visman.

‘In This Room’ by OVERLAPS is out now

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overlapsmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/overlapsofficial/

Website: http://www.overlapsmusic.com/

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