It’s keep calm and carrion for Italian melodic-metallers, Ravenscry

While the previous decade already has a feel of being immeasurably different to this one, the trajectory and stellar rise of Italian melodic-metal 5 piece Ravenscry remains an undeniable constant. Following on from 2017’s highly ambitious concept album ‘The Invisible’ – the tale of a young orphan librarian’s assistant and her journey chasing an unpredictable and withering truth, new album ‘100’ sees Ravenscry rediscover their melodic roots through sincere and intelligent songwriting. Headed up with dramatic timbre showcased through lead track ‘Maybe’ – the first recording to include new band member Federico Schiavoni, ‘100’ explores tales of resilence and testaments of will in it’s exploration of the manifesto of the human experience.

unnamed (1)

Since their inception, Ravenscry have captivated a devoted fanbase, with vanguards of the industry having been seemingly everpresent throughout their journey. Not only was debut album ‘One Way Out’ (2011) mixed by Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Vai, Cypress Hill, Alice Cooper) and mastered by Tom Baker (Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth), it also featured the artwork of Rhett Podersoo who’s work has known to have been featured on the novels of Steven King.

‘Maybe’ is a sort of manifesto of the human condition. It talks about resilience, willingness and finding a way to carry on without any doubt.

It was through their second album 2014’s ‘The Attraction of Opposites’ spearhead the band’s campaign in raising awareness about violence towards women (which saw single Alive’  released on International Women’s Day), which furthered an evolution of their immersively accessible sound and continues to amass streams in the millions, before ‘The Invisible’ and it’s complex and mystifying tale of coming of age.

The album ‘100’ was produced by RAVENSCRY. Mixed by Roberto Laghi (In FlamesMustaschSonic Syndicate). Mastered by Dragan Tanasković (In FlamesDark TranquillityEvergrey). Artwork and graphics by Mario “Aégis” S. Nevado.

‘100’ by Ravenscry is release 15th May 2020





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