Cancelled dates be damned! Mayflower Madame have ‘Prepared for a Nightmare’

Forged among the smoky resonance of Oslo’s powerhouse industrial district back in 2011, Mayflower Madame are set to further their crusade into the depths of Nordic Noir with their deeply atmospheric sophomore long player ‘Prepared for a Nightmare’.


While the release of their Observed in a Dream’ record established a framework of sinister beauty from a haze of psychedelia, Prepared for a Nightmare’ promises to enhance their dark and distincitive blend of post-punk and shoegaze influences.

Despite the recent global outbreak of Covid-19 forcing a string of US tour dates to be cancelled, the release is fronted by two singles, which, in their own respect, capture the wintery feeling of their native homeland – icy and gloomy, haunting and majestic.


Accompanied by the gripping and distinctively dark psychedelic visuals of director and illustrator Astrid Serck, inspired partly by the art of George Grosz and Hieronymus Bosch, Vultures’ is a gloomy and hard-edged track, saturated with a chilling familiarity.

The lyrics revolve around feelings of excess, lust and greed, always wanting and needing more, never getting enough, and how one sometimes can seem to push things further and further like we’re waiting and almost longing for everything to burst.

A mash- up of influences from shady psych-pop and shoegaze with elements of surf and post-punk, the accompanying video for ‘Swallow was created to visualize a very different mood entirely. Using both symbolic images and color effects, with footage from both Oslo and Niagra Falls, frontman Trond Fagernes describes the song as a “dreamy love song with nightmarish undertones.” 

‘Swallow’ shows a dreamier, more pop-oriented side of the band, but still definitely recognizable as Mayflower Madame… it’s about the dependence and fragility one might feel in a relationship… a fear of and a desire for submission.”

Mayflower Madame are Trond Fagernes (vocals/guitar/bass), Havard Haga (guitar) and Ola J. Kyrkjeeide (drums). Prepared For A Nightmare releases  27th March 2020 through Only Lovers Records (France), in collaboration with Little Cloud Records (USA) and Icy Cold Records (France).




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