Nihilistic miserabilists, Young Knives, confront the harsh truths of humanity in ‘Sheep Tick’

As Young Knives announce ‘Barbarians’, brothers Henry Dartnall and The House of Lords have once again dug themselves out of their spiraling bleak world view to recapture the essecene of a band who love to confuse and entertain in equal measure. Their fifth studio album, and first in seven years, ‘Barbarians’, poses the question: “how can we turn the worst aspects of humanity into something really fucking entertaining?”

Young Knives - Sheep Tick single artwork

“Everyone should have a manifesto. This is ours. It’s pretentious as hell, as it should be.”

Much in the vein of 2013’s acclaimed album ‘Sick Octave’, Young Knives often root a high concept as a framework to structure an album around. This time dialing into the ultra-violent and often brutal nature of human beings, having leant heavily on philiosher John Gray’s 2002 book ‘Straw Dogs‘ for inspiration, the focus has shifted towards how, as they comment, “[people] are obsessed with self and social improvement, but we don’t get any better as human beings. What if cruelty to others is just part of who we are? How do we live with that?” 

Lead single ‘Sheep Tick’ confronts these questions head-on – setting the tone for an unsettling listen and accompanied by a video that’s both uncomfortable and unexpected. As Henry continues; “Music videos are awful and we wanted to lean into that. The idea behind this one was to make a video that you couldn’t have pitched. We just started shooting without knowing what it was, our goal to make it as baffling and entertaining as possible.”

In spite of the uncertain times that lay ahead of us, Young Knives are also announcing a London show set for Friday 25th September 2020 at Colours, with tickets on sale on 27th March.





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