Can In Hearts Wake help heal the hurt to prevent ‘Worldwide Suicide’?

The tragic wake of the recent bushfires in Australia was felt the world over. As it swept, igniting no less than 12 million hectares of land and ending the lives of over 1 billion animals, it underlined a need to limit the effects of a global crisis as more consequential than ever. While chanelling the hype already surrounding their first new music in 3 years, Australian metalcore 5-piece In Hearts Wake are unveiling their new track ‘Worldwide Suicide’ as a vehicle to invigorate their impassioned ‘Ecocide is Suicide‘ message alongside a pledge to plant a tree for every 1,000 views their video receives. 


With the planet currently sprawling from one crisis to the next, this track serves as an attempt to realign focus towards work done in raising awareness for positive action towards climate change, with the intro section featuring a sample of Greta Thunburg‘s address at the climate strike in NYC last year. The video for ‘Worldwide Suicide’ adresses a realisation that the survival of humanity rests upon overcoming the inertia and dysfunction within ourselves. Depicting a house on fire, each room represents an ecosystem whose life is under serious threat while humanity faces it’s greatest challenge yet – to effect positive action and real change.

“We are aware that the Worldwide Suicide video is confronting. We created this not to shock or cause despair but to incite positive action. In the spirit of this, the band has committed to plant 1 tree for every 1K views, restoring part of a vital ecosystem with the hope that every viewer and their descendants will one day enjoy its benefits.”

Scheduled to perform on the main stage at this year’s Download Festival, prior to it’s cancellation, In Hearts Wake have toured relentlessly since their first of four album releases ‘Divination’ in 2012. Regarding music as both their art and their platform, their passion lies in their self-imposed mantle as artsits to challenge the status quo and inspire change.

‘Worldwide Suicide’ by In Hearts Wake is out now





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