001 – On The Scene, with Kat Konvict

17th March 2020 – St Patrick’s Day. Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveils new outlines to help cope with the growing concerns in dealing with virus Covid-19 – the now-global pandemic originating from Wuhan, China

ProfileKat Konvict – Voice of the apocalyspe. French revolutionary and cat. Follow @KatKonvict

The unseen enemy has shown its hand and the world has predicatbely fallen to its knees in kind! This is what they would have us believe, but I for one will not stand for this. ‘Wash your hands, stay at home, distrust your neighbour.‘ As a French girl, I find this all extremely distasteful. As a revolutionary, however, my task at hand thrives in the chaos.

We speak, of course, of Covid-19. Coronavirus. The viral scapegoat for a decade of deceit, currently sweeping aside our societal facade with frightening ease. Shops closing, supplies scarce, movement restricted. With such greed and nastiness so ready to present itself with only the most gentle of taps on the shoulder, it seems there are many fear-crazed oppertunists on the loose, like mag dogs in the streets.

Kat tram

My mission is one of great peril, but even greater significance. So delicate, I cannot yet bring myself to comprehend or speak of it. However, I know that I am the one to face this challenge, even if I must do so alone.

I write to you hidden in plain sight, curled away from the mist of suspision. From my seat at the back of the tram, my comerades have begun to look rattled and weary. Passing glances of disgust to one another confirm my assumption that this is not a carriage of freedom fighters. Oh no. As each one now gazes solemnly into their screens, I wonder to myself what they see staring back at them. Of course, nothing was the answer. Opinion and mis-information was sprawling and satisfied every craved ounce of distraction.

I find myself clinging tightly to the scrawled note passed to me at breakfast. It is a tip-off. Those I have sought to work with have not yet made themselves known to me, but how I have so yearned to meet them. The land I call home has revealed itself to be genetically criminal, and I must do what I can to help stop the rot, before it is too late.

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