Genre spiralling duo, Between Suns, have unleashed their psychedelic supernova

Following last year’s extraordinary debut single ‘Sun Ra’, with its eye-frying visuals and glam strut, London based duo Between Suns dare to be different with their brand new single ‘Fractured Life’ – a song about life on the road which in the space of three-and-a-bit minutes samples elements of disco, hard rock, grime with unprecedented finesse. Alongside grime artist, Crudded Badz, the track showcases Between Suns’ universal appeal and expert musicianship, not to mention Nausicaä’s breath-taking voice. Prepare to be astonished. 

It’s the mark of an auteur finding their niche amongst the spectrum – distinguishing themselves from the crowd while maintaining an essence that remains faithful to the familiar. When fine artist and songwriter Paul Lisak was introduced to the astonishing vocal talents of flamboyant French singer Nausicaä, two stars collided in the formation of Between Suns – a band whose instant disregard for convention and expectations have set them apart as one of the most exciting rock acts in years.



Signed up to an online company designed to pair up singers looking for musicians, the pair met despite circumstances seemingly conspiring to keep them apart. Paul had made regular habit of deleting incoming messages from the site, not really being in the market for new band members. However, by sheer coincidence, a message from Nausicaä did not suffer the same fate. As he explains: I saw Nausicaä’s profile, and my curiosity piqued, I followed the links, not only seeing her pictures, but most importantly a live video of her singing a Janis Joplin song.” Circumstances then changed within a blink of an eye:I could hear she was French, but her version of Janis was vocally tremendous, as was her energy onstage. So, I immediately got into contact with her to arrange a meet and rehearsal.”

‘Sun Ra’ has a definite sexual theme to it, but also underlyingly touches upon the illicit and sometimes forbidden love between two different cultures, middle eastern and western. But it is in truth a bit of a teaser!

Between_Suns-Shot8-640.jpegMusical Journeys

Paul had his first taste of the limelight was in the band Hung (Holy Unspeakable Name of God), an experimental rock power trio who, with only a single album managed to spread their reach to play several dates across Northern Europe. He then furthered his musical pedigree as the main singer, songwriter and guitarist in another trio – After the Ice. With three EPs to their name, as well as multiple tours across Poland and festival slots across the UK and Europe, they performed all over the world including the Maldives BreakOut Festival and Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest (SXSW).


Nausicaä’s journey, by comparison, began much earlier. Following her parent’s wishes and with the help of an established teacher, she starting her training in classical and operatic singing in Paris when she was only 11 years old. “I admit that at 11 years of age, I wasn’t too keen on classical singing! But step by step, I fell in love with it nonetheless. However, my dream was still to sing contemporary music, despite being told I was not vocally suited to it!” 

Though not being able to speak a word of English at the time, through a growing fascination with rock, RnB and Blues singers, including the likes of Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, and bands like Led Zeppelin, came an inevitable draw to the UK: I wanted to sing Rock music in English, and as one can imagine, France was not the best place to do this. So I decided to move to London, and seek out like-minded British bands and musicians, as well as taking a crash course in the English language itself.”


Direction and Sound

With such vividly differing sounds on their material released to date, it’s clear that Between Suns have been swift in their decision to not be defined to any kind of sonic restriction: “We are, at the core of things musical, a rock band, and even more precisely, a guitar-driven rock band… obviously, Nausicaä’s vocals sit on top of it all, so for us, whatever we do is cohesive and representative of “our sound”.

Paul continues: “But we aren’t too keen on falling into the obvious “classic rock” or “metal” categories around right now. We want to embrace new sounds and influences – hence our collaboration with Badz, a grime artist.” Mixing a palette of such varying styles has undeniably yielded vivid results and, as a duo, they have found the perfect habitat to nurture their artistic freedom.

‘Fractured Life” is a song we wrote about life and relationships on the road. One night stands – but from the perspective of the lead female singer. Slightly more taboo and less acceptable for many!

Reaping the benefits of industry connections made in the days of recording After the Ice’s 2013 EP Thick Snow Magic‘, legendary producer Nick Tauber – best known for his work with Thin Lizzy, Marillion and Toyah in the 1970s and 80s, has once again seen his working relationship with Paul resurface. Upon the discovery of Nausicaä, Nick heard them play together and decided he wanted to produce their music, as well as mentor them and help them find a record label.

Much like the band, Nick jumped at the chance to produce rock music with a new twist. He brought them to RAK studios, and also introduced them to Badz after Paul mentioned he’d like to collaborate with a grime artist on ‘Fractured Life‘. Paul elaborates: As far as our collaboration with Badz goes, we were (and still are) interested in mixing different musical worlds together… Mixing psychedelic blues guitars, hip hop, world music, samples, rap and big vocals…and seeing what comes out at the end of it all!”

BetweenSuns-Badz 310519

Between Suns have established themselves a dramatic template for future releases. With an armoury of riffs and melodies still under wraps for the time being, while teasing the prospect of future collaborations, expect to see more from them very soon.

‘Fractured Life’ is available from 20th September


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