Acid House veterans ANDRENACHROME explore visual narratives that question what it means to be human in 2020

Steve Chrome and Sam Souls both grew up as part of generation X – fully immersed in the powerful musical movements that emerged from 90’s counter-culture and acid house parties, through to the evolution of music production and the demise of ‘Music Industry: Version 1.0′When the Lincoln-based duo formed ANDRENACHROME, it was alongside a vision to bind the two eras and take on the positives from both – cultivating an ethereal, consuming sound that is matched by philosophical, far-reaching lyrics which question the very essence of being.


“The lyrics on the record reflect on a journey of leaving behind a life; a career, then becoming a father and finding a new path in a new continent all in a short burst of time. The record reflects a journey of maturation and exploration, and ultimately gratitude and wonder.” – Sam Souls

Despite receiving a level of critical acclaim from their respective former bands (including national plays on BBC Radio 1), ANDRENACHROME began life as a label under which to release a series of demos back in 2012 – a diversion from their growing disillusionment as a deal struck with a major label fell through. Having gone their separate ways in search of healing (in Sam’s case, all the way to Thailand), their sound sustained its development traversing back and forth around the globe.

The Power Of Nightmares

Having seized upon two lives spent soaking up every experience life can throw at them, the pair describe forthcoming album ‘Here on Earth’ as an exploration ofthe emotional and visceral wonder and grace of being a human in 2020.’  Through a practice in keeping with the concept of the album, many of the lyrics on the record were written via osmosis through floatation therapy sessions – drifting through the ethereal stratosphere turning visions into narratives.

The aesthetic of ANDRENACHROME fully maintains their punk DIY ethic of subtly doing things in their own unique way – deliberately abstaining from industry norms and genre fixations that tend to suck the life out creativity in bowing to commercial pressures. As a pair of free-thinkers, ANDRENACHROME exists in order to reach out to generations of music lovers who have lost their place in the cosmos.

‘The Power of Nightmares’ single is released on 25th October






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