Bloodstock beckons for Cambridgeshire dread-peddlars, Fear Bound

Imagine a reality where gaining the upper hand on fellow artists had nothing to do with paying real money to inflate their followers past the point of absurdity, and instead, all bands are made to compete in gladetorial fashion to contest the success they covet. Wouldn’t that make the music industry fun again? [Note. Kareoke doesn’t count]

Thankfully, Bloodstock festival routinely has your back – annually extending a helping hand onto the Newblood stage through their Metal to the Masses competition. Battling through this year’s heats at Hitchin’s Club 85, self-styled melodread band Fear Bound are set to become the latest talent to debut among festival heavyweights in BOA’s 2019 line-up.


“If Devin Townsend and Children of Bodom had a dreadful matrimony and made a baby, it’d be these guys”

The final itself was contested against stellar performances from Jackel’s Backbone, Alter the Sky and Ritual, while the night was capped off with appearances from Missy Von Curse and last year’s victors Th1rt3en. Despite several years of tinkering line-up changes, the set-list derived from sophomore record ‘Seize the Day’ – a record that both absorbs and builds upon its melo-death influences, showcases the band’s strongest material and arrangement to date. New additions Alex Townsend on drums and Craig Burkitt on keys, bring with them the pedigree of former bands Humanity and Awake that has allowed them to cement their place as purveyors of dread and inappropriate introductions.

Between Will Smythe and Andy Coles surges a tandem tempest of guitars, finely interlaced with a layer of newly acquired synth. The accomplished and sinister drum patterns of Alex Townsend are galloped upon gratefully by bass player and frontman Alex Wight, who teased excitement from the gawping crowd with promises of accordions (and MORE dread) – all of which ensured a lingering surge of contentment that proved impossible to erase.

Fear Bound are a band that you can’t help but want to get to know. Having also acquired a session with Damage Recordings as part of the victory bundle, expect to see some fresh material on the horizon.

Fear Bound are live @ BOA 19: Sunday 11th August – Hobgoblin Newblood stage 15:45 – 16:15




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