Metal Band Sepsiss and their army of Zombie Followers are an infectious blend of Urban Beats to Sink Your Teeth In To

Surging out from the shadows of their base in Manchester, New England,  Sepsiss are on the move to mobilise their small army of followers– the self-named ‘Sepsiss Zombies‘, setting out to infect eyes, ears and minds around the world. This female-fronted metal band comprised of Melissa Wolfe (vocals), Mr Goodbarz (technology/keys); Robbert Pann (drums) and William Savant (Vocals/guitars) have established an impressive and dedicated fanbase through touring across their home state, creative merchandise peddling and self-founded gaming communities.

Capture 2

“Sonically, we wanted to take some risks developing danceable drumlines, and adding them to metal”

Much more than ‘black t-shirts and lots of yelling’, Sepsiss have proven themselves to be versatile performers. With Melissa leading from the front, and the rest of the band hailing from a worldwide array of backgrounds, they have combined an implacable blend of traditional heavy metal with an equally acerbic dose of modern rhythms, light synths and a danceable blend of urban hardcore.


“Our secondary symbol is the Jade Wasp – a creature that again zombifies its prey, infecting them and laying eggs inside them… The Queen in our case (Melissa) is the nucleus of the hive, dismissing pollination for her own centralised agenda”.

Self-confessed gamer-girl Melissa is the founder of the Halo online community ICG (Immaculate Connection Gaming), which has over 600 members on Xbox Live alone. Since membership is generally comprised from fans of the band, Sepsiss have found a unique means of interacting with their fanbase as a means to push their entire agenda.


Following on from ‘Eyes of Empathy’, the first single from a collection of 8 tracks comprising their forthcoming Badd Blood EP – mixed by award-winning producer Glen Robinson (Annihilator, GWAR, Queensrÿche) and released on 9th April, comes the highly-anticipated video for ‘To Write Hate on His Arms’.

This is no pub band, whose exacting studio standards expand to a home-grown live experience – helped on by a dedicated back-stage team who have enhanced their dynamic choreography, displaying wild costumes which compliment an accomplished performance ability. Whether it’s down to them creating their own merchandise, playing a charity gig in a Walmart carpark, or basking in their dazzling live set-pieces, Sepsiss are a band you can’t help but want to get to know.





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