Alex Scheuerer’s ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ Embraces the Harmony of Roots and Potential

At a time when ‘the jazz mentality’ is permeating through to the mainstream, Swiss musician Alex Scheuerer is primed to release one of the most impressive jazz albums of the year. The ‘Between Heaven and Earth‘ album was recorded in 2 days in London’s Eastcote Studios. During these sessions, it was of the highest importance for Alex that his musicians recorded simultaneously in order to capture the singularity of the instant. In doing so, it was ensured that the rawest and most unique moments of the recording process were immortalised henceforth.

With jazz, formulaically, it’s a genre that’s full of surprises and moments of magic. In removing the temptation of any kind of production trickery, this ensured that the best and worst eventualities were encouraged as part of the process. As Alex himself describes: “Between Heaven and Earth expresses a will to reach perfection while being unable to do so. An ever perfectible journey through necessary deceptions and successes.” Moreover, rehearsal for each track was completed an hour before recording the whole album, and recording was remarkably achieved in no more than 3 takes.

While having being based in London for nearly a decade, the Swiss national has long since been an accomplished session musician across Europe, Morroco and Dubai. On this occasion, Alex was responsible for writing the whole arrangement and leading proceedings in the process. The album contains cover versions of both ‘Diamonds‘ by Rihanna, as well as Edith Piaf’s ‘La Vie en Rose‘. The former features the voice of Najwa, who notably reached the semi-finals of The Voice in France, reaching the semi finals of the competition.

The inspiration for the title holds it’s own intrigue. Mount Lebanon, home to his maternal roots, is a place that Alex Scheuerer has described as being a place which is close to his heart, and expresses a similar kind of duality that was aforementioned to be an integral ideal behind the production process. Continuing, “A beautiful country torn apart by his history. It is the soul and inspiration breathing through the notes, and the sound which I hope will make you travel and draw colours in your own mind.” Having gone back there and seeing the ruins of where his mother used to live echoed an honest interpretation of somewhere so beautiful it could be considered heaven, but won’t be due to it’s native tensions and, as such, represents the good and bad in all of us.





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