The Music World’s True Robinson Crusoe Launches Chart Offensive from Desert Island

With this most unprecedented of summers surely now drawing to a close, let us draw upon an unprecedented source of inspiration. In a semblance of proof that music has touched the four corners of the map, squint closely towards a mere speck in the Indian Ocean off of the coasts of Mauritius and Madagascar. Here resides Patrice Pouzet; front man of Pat and the Pro’s, who seeks to surge a path forwards from obscurity to enigma.

While unknown to most, Pat has made an appearance on the shores of the UK previously. Touring with his previous band Parallele had yielded a number of successful shows across London, including a victorious Battle of the Bands appearance at The Fountains just before the turn of the millennium.

The group seemed on the cusp of some moderate success, narrowly missing out on being signed by a pair of major recording labels. His musicianship has also diversified in turn, previously adopting more of a back seat role as a backing singer and keyboardist. Nowadays, Pat is a front man in fine form; excelling in vocal, guitar and production techniques.


The track itself draws heavily upon the deep croon of the protagonist, which betray shades of The Doors, David Bowie and King Crimson as major influences. The standout feature is an injection of sunshine as looped synthesisers lead a repeated chord pattern that’s as hooky as the chorus itself. As the prevailing lyric suggests: ‘Hey Ooo I A O’ in my head… and indeed there it may remain for some time.

Originally posted on: Music News Today

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