The Lost Relic of Rock – The ‘Wailing Recluse’ has Risen

Seemingly having emerged from a deep sleep since the early part of the 1970’s, Wailing Recluse– a Sabbathian resurrection from the musical mind of Richard Terris, is channelling the legendary pipes of Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers and Ian Gillan to re-capture the essence of an iron-forged heritage, while also reflecting a cathartic edge carved from personal experience. With a sound etched from the obelisk of the vintage stalwarts of Blues and Heavy Rock, comparisons with the likes of CreamFree and Led Zeppelin are inescapable but fall short of the resurgent energy and excitement the self-titled record brings to a modern audience.

Though shouldering a firm belief that the best art comes from a dark place, this record harnesses these emotions as a means of stirring up creative energy. Despite several line-up changes, an uncompromising single mindedness dragged this project to life. With a framework in place to emphasise a sound that’s close to his heart, Terris utilised the experience of session musicians to record the album. And with the initial ideas he laid out suitably enriched throughout the process, Wailing Recluse took formation with a sound that may have sprung from a dark place, but will resonate with audiences in the truest and most honest fashion for it.

In a similar vain to Led ZeppelinWailing Recluse adopts an creative philosophy that evokes the finished product of the album should be considered the complete package, as opposed to cherry-picking singles to give listeners a flavour of what’s to come. In true 70’s tradition, the Wailing Recluse record pivots around the “mid-gig experience”, 2 acoustic tracks which bring a different ambience to the record when viewed from afar and help accentuate the high and lows of the journey being undertaken.







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