Sublime Funk from Lawrence Preston, the Godfather of Eclectic Soul

Whilst his previous outing, entitled ‘Something for You’, was a more softer and more heartfelt example of his repertoire, ‘Stood Up’ typifies an ode and tribute to an 80’s funk-splosion. Lawrence Preston has long since been regarded as, not only, a skilled songwriter, but also a studio producer and a multi-instrumentalist. This particular offering seems to honour a true depth to his personality, and, in the modern era of music, should be immensely credited for doing so.

As an emblem for his art, Lawrence Preston first embraced his musical heritage at the age of five years old. The notoriety for San Francisco Bay area producing exemplary musicians is one of the worst kept secrets in the business and, as a native of his surroundings, Lawrence was already born into a musical family – his parents having formed a gospel group at the local church where his grandfather was a pastor.

Emerging as an artist in his own right, he arrived with a wealth of experience, having cultivated his proficiency as a prolific bass guitarist and an accomplished singer. ‘’Stood Up’’ showcases these talents with a fusion of egoless disco and funk. This isn’t groove laden perfection by any means as the playing exudes freneticism. Behind the smooth soaring of his vocal style, there is some stunning musicianship on display, which holds its own magnetic tenacity. Perhaps it could be considered a love letter to the unifying power of all that the genre encapsulates.

Originally posted on: The Underground Ear

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