So Good She Named it Twice – ‘Love Love’ from DIYÂ – The Sound of 2019 Dream Pop

Emanating from Ukraine is the refreshingly modern and exquisite voice of DIYÂ, launching her international career to bring to life a refreshingly honest take on her innermost feelings and experiences. DIY started her journey towards becoming an artist at an early age. From playing piano from the age of 5, she quickly found that an accompanying musical talent was to be realised through her voice. So it was to be that after school she went on to study at the Kiev Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts as a vocalist. Despite an enjoyable experience in a local cover band, there was always a lingering inner sense that she was destined to become a star in her own right:

“My musicians were much older than me – they were like old rockers who were comfortable to perform with such a young lady in sparkly glamour clothes, because it does not matter what I look like. I can feel the songs I’m singing and the range of my voice gave me a lot of options to sing anything from girly songs to cool hard rock songs. When all the people were jumping and dancing near the stage, I felt so cool in those moments, but sad at the same time because I felt that I must sing my own songs, and it was my dream that people would also enjoy to listen to them” – DIY 

This is a journey that is universally relatable and comes from a standpoint which is much further rooted in sharing her own views than it is about selling records. With the story behind the tracks focusing on different pivot points of her life, there is something inherently personal on offer with becoming a part of the experience. Sometimes thrilling, but occasionally shattering, each song has been meticulously crafted to accommodate the inner expression of her state of mind within that given moment.

She has spoken openly about whether her parents gave her enough support to pursue her dream, but her own determination to succeed has made her a lot stronger since then, and this is something they look back and laugh about now. There’s always something to be said for music that taps in to that spiritual centre within you and causes those beams of happiness to pierce the skin. In an world saturated with all kinds of external forces competing for your attention, what we have here is an ambience that cuts through the clutter to reach your inner voice and find peace.



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