Legendarily Collectable Prog-rockers Heronimus Fin Return with ‘The Pharmacist’

Exploring concepts close to the heart often treat us to an experience that is saturated with colourful emotion. The fourth studio album from underground prog outfit Heronimus Fin, entitled ‘The Pharmacist’, is one such case, and is another performance by them that is anchored by heavily thematic lyrical content.

Heronimus Fin - The Pharmacist

This tale on offer here is a loose parallel to the personal experiences of band member Jonathan Buxton’s own experience with prescription medicine, and the ensuing addiction that it can cause.

The band have stood true to their own interpretation of the prog-rock spectrum, which is one that is characterised by English eccentricity then draped with shades of Neal Morse, amongst others. Expansive, but never laboured, instrumental sections encapsulate ‘The journey’ and flesh out an atmosphere that has every feel of taking you along for the ride. Cursive tempo changes ensure that what traverses is turbulent but simultaneously calmed lyrically.

The concept highlights the dangers of the solution becoming an ailment itself. Even the album’s cover reflects this showing the chemical compound for Fentanyl, a composite of Morphine that is synonymous with its potentially deadly notoriety. This clearly remarks upon an understanding of the dangers being at the forefront of what’s on offer here.

Heronimus Fin are gathering notoriety in their own right, and are regular high features in Record Collectors Magazine’s ‘500 most collectable artists’, and this piece was co-produced at Woodbine Studios, Leamington by John Rivers (who did The SpecialsGhost Town/ Ocean Colour Scene). The physical release of the album also feeds into their collectability by boasting an impressive gatefold vinyl as well as a glitter-stardusted cassette release.

Originally posted on: Music News Today

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