LA’s Love Ghost on Overcoming Experience to Give a Voice to the Underdog

LOVE GHOST embody a time-tested formula of writing about what they know –channelling their own personal struggles and experiences to ensure an honest and personal feel to their sound. Throughout their formative years, each of the trio have undergone a degree of individual trauma, which has in turn contributed to the thematic content of the record. Stories that echo experiences of; struggling with the stigma of being mis-diagnosed with autism, being thrown out of school, and sour relationships in an undercurrent of social isolation, all contribute to a stance of sitting on the periphery of society. However, if you were to consider that they do a great deal of work for the homeless community in LA – preparing and serving food on Skid Row on a monthly basis, they’re set for an admirable doctrine of championing the cast-outs.

Primarily, while forging a sound that is comparable to early 90’s alternative rock (echoing the likes of Alice in Chains and Smashing Pumpkins), the sheer diversity of the band’s own personal tastes have all contributed to something subtly different entirely. In formation alongside Finnegan Bell up-front, is violist Mya Greene – donning in essence a pseudo lead-guitar role, a heavy metal bassist in Ryan Stevens and drummer Samson Young with his jazz background, a unique fusion of pieces culminate together in a sound that really works. With each band member having overcome both mental health and social issues, they have combined both to find solace in their music as well as providing a platform to help others seek the help they need.

The Californian quartet have received a degree of notoriety from their previous album which they decided to deliver as a visual work. Releasing each track with an accompanying animated video, these were then entered in several international film festivals and received awards and accolades at every hurdle.

Taking their music to the world stage for the first time, straddling the end of this year and the start of the next, sees them on tour in Ireland bringing their neo-grunge stylings across the Atlantic:

27th December 2018        Roisin Dubh, Galway

28th December 2018        Whelan’s, Dublin

2nd January 2019               Cleeres, Kilkenny

3rd January 2019                ChezLeFab, Limerick

4th January 2019                Spirit Store, Dundalk

5th January 2019                Crane Lane, Cork








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