Humble Ambassadors for UK music Chasing Deer Champion Cause for British Sign Language

While the allure music industry may appear to have had much of the finery and glamour stripped away in recent times, remnants of the charm and spirit for which we all loved music in the first place do still remain. Chasing Deer may be one of the hardest working bands in Britain today, performing their music live to the people of London on a regular basis. Furthermore, their work in raising awareness for worthy causes has earned them recognition from some very unlikely sources.

Chasing Deer

Through the sheer virtue of their street performances, enthralling some hugely varied audiences with their upbeat pop melodies , Chasing Deer have formulated themselves as energetic ambassadors for UK music as a whole. Having twice been invited to play at the Houses of Parliament, the group were also flown out to Kenya to play at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Kenyan Music Festival.

Performing tirelessly across the UK, Europe and even Africa over the last three years, showcasing their first two EPs “Rewriting History” and “Moving On”, has culminated in somewhere around 900 performances and their music has become a regular feature on BBC Introducing and has been played internationally on the BBC World Service.

Chasing Deer are finally now able to launch their debut album ‘’Hands On’’, a term which not only an admirable trait of their attitude to thrusting themselves into the limelight, but also is attributed to the work that the release is providing in raising awareness for British Sign Language.

Singles from the record have been released on the last Friday of every month of 2018, with stunning artwork of a wide selection of hands portraying the title of each release. The culminates towards a special live event to launch the album on 22nd November at London’s Bush Hall, which will feature sign language interpreters throughout the duration.

Originally posted on: Music News Today

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