Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser Welcome Back Guilt-Free Shredding!

Building up from the rawest foundations, the element which holds the truest translation to musical competency is fire. Fire is synonymous with belief, and perhaps the most identifiable embodiment of belief is the guitar. Founder of Boston’s BUFU record label and sole fixed member of DeGreaser, Ben Katzman has been looking to bring the glory of feel-good rock back to the masses.

Self personification is paramount to success, and at the heart of the philosophy he wants to portray. So what does that entail? For one, individuality is the most valuable commodity that a musician can possess. Stemming from a mantra at the forefront of success is to remember that music is about having a good time above all else, and that you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself.

From the humble beginnings of being a 9 year old full of anger, problems mounting due to struggling with an inability to express one-self, Ben found an outlet for his frustration through writing music. Now returning for his second full-length solo project -“Quarter Life Crisis”, there is no self-evident baggage of turbulent meaning weighing down what is in essence a straight up rock record.

Indeed, his label seemed to begin from similar territory. Ben had enrolled in Boston’s Berklee College of Music, but had remained unable to relate to the lessons being taught as a means to flourish musically. Starting out with making tapes out of his dorm room, BUFU has worked its way up to being an internationally distributed source, with material sitting in stores all over the world. Now, a number of albums have received note from independent to major press outlets such as Sub Pop and Warner Brothers.

Above all else, Ben respects any band whose success wasn’t handed to them. DeGreaser is a concept that is proud to be what it is. Having felt that rock has become a genre that now takes itself too seriously – losing that sense of ridiculousness from its forefathers, what’s on offer is diverse and plentiful, and above all seemingly a very honest interpretation of the man himself.

Originally posted on: Songwriting Spotlight

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