B Green’s Lyrical Conquests Produce New Single, “Christopher Columbus”

For years now, rap and hip-hop have existed as perhaps the most exciting genre from which can be delivered a bold and impactful message. Stereotypically, this lies within the realms of self-affirmation of either individual wealth or personal relationships, but unignorably it’s also an effective voice for inspiring change and evoking deeper meaning through artistic expression. ‘Christopher Columbus‘, the debut single from Atlanta based rapper born in Oklahoma – B GREEN (Bryson Green), is at first glance a blaring, bass heavy, club stomper, but on further inspection the lyrics suggest a staunch criticism against colonialism.


The track, which was a decade in the making, has a meticulously calculated beat to accompany the monotone but impactful lyrics of Green. In the spirit of influences such as Public Enemy, focus is split equally between a track that he wants people to dance to, but also a message he wants to be heard.

Green explains that:

 This song was inspired by every nation that has ever been colonized and every hero whose statue was unjustly erected on the right side of history.’’

Alluding to dark themes such as slavery, armadas, and innocent victims, the record was derived from a desire to bring to life both the beat, and the message. The bass rhythm delivered by a Roland TR-808 is one that taps the inner senses as a solid club number, which is likely to stir up many an idle soul staunching their way over to the dance floor. The artist describes how the song was written out of desperation to be catchy, but without losing his cause in the process.

Originally posted on: Music News Today

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