A look Into How Charlie Melrose Was Able To Exorcise ‘The Original Ghost’

The term ”ghosting” resonates with most as one of the perils of modern dating, and is a cause of heartache for many people. The latest single from Charlie Melrose elaborates on the themes of this concept in her single ‘The Original Ghost‘ as an exploration of her own personal experiences of how this has affected her in her family life – of having contact broken suddenly and shockingly with those closest to her. ‘The Original Ghost‘ is a pertinent lesson in how to break free from such emotional shackles and to benefit creatively from situations which may appear all but lost.

Having been born into a musical family – her aunt was notably famed 80’s singer-songwriter and actress Hazel O’Connor, and also her father is industry veteran Neil O’Conner, Charlie had to struggle for  many years to come to terms with the fact that her father prioritised his career over his daughter, severing contact with her until she was an adult. Despite making efforts to strengthen their relationship on her part, she suffered the indignity of him, in turn, ‘ghosting her’, breaking a stream of promises to only once again leave dead air.

The Original Ghost‘ is Charlie Melrose’s response, taking back control of the situation after a lifetime of hurt, confusion and disappointment. The song acutely depicts the effects that he had on her childhood and equally in her adult life. It also resonates a powerful message that will resonate with audiences that have suffered similar heartache.

Her single-minded approach is akin to Lady Gaga – embracing influences whilst still allowing her own voice and performance to shine brightest. After feeling she was the cause of her father’s rejection for many years, this is in many ways a chance to start again for Charlie, with the song spelling out very clearly the moment when she finally took control of a situation which had cast a shadow over her entire life:

“I told him there were to be no contact from me or with me and that was that. I’m done. It was the single most frightening and yet empowering thing I’ve ever done. I love the song because it captures that empowering spirit but it also highlights some of the difficulties I’ve faced, especially with relationships with men”

In drawing immediate comparisons with Christine and the Queens and Nao, her latest single reinforces both her thrillingly 80’s infused electro-soul sound with her edgy, engaging persona.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0xPg9VQMYIHLCVxB0zHjNS?si=DunLQNBlTVywa-X43RX5qg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charliemelrosemusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charliemelrose

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